Stand up straight, it is Charles Darwin’s birthday

Happy Birthday, Charles Darwin! I made him this card.

Email001 (2)
Why yes, those are finches wearing party hats. Thank you for noticing.

From the outtakes reel:

“You look like a Homo Sapien… And you smell like one, too!”

“I’d have to be a dodo to forget your birthday!”

I should have included the cha-cha-chas on it. Next year.

Speaking of evolutionary biology and crafts, I’ve been reading E.O. Wilson’s newest book, The Origins of Creativity, about the relationship between the sciences and the humanities. It is exactly the Venn diagram I need right now. I wish I could tuck myself into the overlap of those two circles and just sleep there, but I realize those overlaps are called “intersections,” which aren’t probably the best places to rest. My better option is to try to work there as much as possible, play there at the minimum, and in the meantime I need to remember to buy cat food and toothpaste.

I like E.O. Wilson in the same way I liked Mr. Rogers, in that I find him trustworthy and his delivery soothing. I’m not always as interested in his subjects as he is (ants, anyone?), but I appreciate very much how interested he is, and I usually come away having learned something I think is relevant and important, and also wanting to put on a cardigan. In this book, Wilson cites both Charles Darwin and Stephen Sondheim, so you know it is up my alley. You also know this means it is going to be hard for me to determine where to shelve it when I am finished.

He writes:

Drawing on the combined consciousness of our species, each one of us can go anywhere in the universe, seize any power, achieve any goal, search for infinity in space and time. Of course, it is also true that when ruled by wild surmise and the animal passions we all share, our unbounded fantasy can disintegrate into madness.

“Nicoooooole, you said he was soothing.” I know, I know.

It’s a good book.

Anyway. What better way to celebrate evolution and survival of the fittest than with a clip of opposable thumbs opposing each other? (No, that adult thumb isn’t my thumb, and that woman’s voice is not my voice, but it is my bad camera work.)

Here’s to combined consciousness.

(p.s. For those of you playing at home, my Orgone album just arrived. It even came with a sticker. Happy Darwin Day to me.)

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